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Principal's Message

Welcome to Melrose. We are glad you are here. This year our students are learning in ways that are new to us all. Some students are learning in a remote fashion from their own home by Zooming in to join the class. Others are attending school in person each day. No matter the mode, Melrose staff is going above and beyond to meet student needs. We appreciate the support from parents as well as we continue to partner together in student learning.


We continue to provide engaging opportunities such as joining the Great Kindness Challenge, monthly i-Ready competitions, and spirit days. As a result of this hard work, we have been named an i-Ready Distinguished School for Remote Learning Success as well as a Kindness Certified School. We work hard to keep our students connected to school even in these difficult times. This year we know “while we cannot direct the wind, we can adjust our sails.” That is exactly what we are doing at Melrose.



Mrs. Hernandez, Principal 




We welcome the day at Melrose with a few words of wisdom and a reminder that your choices determine the outcome of your day.  It is my hope that every single student at Melrose will choose to put their study skills to good use and strive to achieve the academic success that is necessary to thrive in our society.       



Empezamos el día en Melrose con unas cuantas palabras de sabiduría y un recordatorio que nuestras decisiones determinan el  resultado de nuestro día.  Es mi esperanza que cada uno de los estudiantes de Melrose decida poner en uso las destrezas de estudiar para realizar un éxito académico necesario para prosperar en nuestra sociedad.